The ten best lesser known content marketing tools for bloggers

After writing a unique, creative and informative content for your blog, it’s time to promote it. It will not be worth the effort if no one reads your content. If your content is not attractive, you will never get the intended traffic and thus less subscribers for you blog.

Write great unique content

To glue your audience to your blog or website you need to create some fascinating content. Content marketing is possible only when you have huge traffic for your content. Content marketing tools however can make it an easy task for you. B2B marketing becomes much more easier with content marketing tools.

Here is a list of the best tools you must use for making an easy and efficient content marketing routine.

  • Beegit

Teamwork can create magic in content with different ideas and creative contributions. If you are working as a group but at different locations, Beegit will help you collaborate with each other. Beegit is a writing application for the web.

It provides an editorial calendar to keep your work on track. It provides best team management. It marks down the editors. Beegit looks after the correct workflow for its projects.

  • Acrolinx

This tool makes your content a unique one. It does this by analyzing your writing style you language tone and SEO. It has a portal which guides you while writing your content. Acrolinx helps you to create a brand name in blogosphere.

This tool analyzes all the gateways and dimensions which can create unique and attractive content. When a writer is writing the content he can get a live assistance to make the content better.

  • BrandpointHub

Are you fed up of jumbling with creating, reviewing and publishing your content? Here is the tool BrandpointHub which gives you the platform to do all such task in one single platform. It catches your ideas and keywords.

Then it manages your deliverables on its calendar. It looks into publishing the content onto your blog or to other publishers. After adding a video this tool keeps track of engagement with your readers. It does this by using Google analytics and by monitoring social media.

  • Brightcove

Adding a video on blog has encountered a rise of about 105% in traffic. So here is the tool which can create a high quality video for your content marketing. If you want to manage or look after your videos on your blog, Brightcove is the best tool for you.

This tool uploads the video on your blog. it manages and publishes high quality videos. The tool analyzes performance of the uploaded video. Brightcove integrates social networks to reach more readers.

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  • Canva

Canva is an application tool which can turn your webpage into a canvas. When you want to design any presentation or graphics and have no designers with you, adopt Canva. Canva can play a role of your designer.

A non- designer can also create an attractive graphic using Canva. It has design tutorials which can guide you to design like a pro. It has a drag and drop function which makes the task easier. It contains millions of images, hundreds of fonts and huge number of icons and shapes which can all together create a fascinating graphic.

  • Captora

This is a Hadoop based tool which can accelerate digital marketing. This is the best tool for a blogger who wants to take their blog beyond limits. Captora is capable of handling huge data as it has a Hadoop infrastructure. This tool scales and optimizes digital campaigns.

  • Ceros

This tool Ceros can create interactive infographics. It can help you to keep your audience engaged on your blog or website by creating engaging eBooks or magazines. If you are not good at coding Ceros is the best option for you.

Ceros adds animation and interactive effects which keep on attracting new audience. Ceros design studio gives you complete freedom to be creative. You can create events as time triggered. This tool also helps you to analyze engagement of your audience.

  • ClearVoice

ClearVoice is a tool which keeps your production workflow maintained. You can call ClearVoice as a ‘Content Ecosystem’. This tool generates intelligent ideas for content. It can build a team based on idea chosen with experts in relevant subject.

After creating a great team it then allocates them the work and builds an editorial calendar to keep track of team work. ClearVoice discovers content ideas in its IdeaLab. As ClearVoice selects experts for the team according to idea, you can see ClearVoice as a recruiter platform.

This tool creates calendar, assigns tasks to team members and then sets the date for publishing content.

  • Contentivo

Contentivo helps your employees to promote your content on social media. Contentivo gives you the approved list of content which makes it easier to share directly on Social media without searching for best content. Employees who do social media campaigns can get the assistance of Contentivo.

This tool creates tags to make it easier for employees to search and promote contents quickly. The tool provides the facility of one click sharing for easy promotions. It can also add additional information with the help of notes for promoter employees.

  • Edgar

This is the tool which lets you manage your social media shares. If you are dealing with lot of content daily, it is tedious to keep track of shared content. You can’t remember which content is shared on which social media and which isn’t. In such conditions, Edgar will help you to find a way.

It gives an automated platform to share the content. It works with Facebook profiles, Twitter, LinkedIn profiles etc.

These are the must try tools for all bloggers who want to keep their audience intact and engaged with their blog or website for long time. The tough and tedious task of maintaining the content can be handled by these tools. Some of these tools can also make your content attractive and unique to keep your audience engaged.

The tools collected above are not listed based on their ranking or usefulness. You can get to use of any of them as per your need and the service they provide. These tools can make content marketing easy for you.

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