[UPDATED] Ten proven ways to improve your blog writing style today

Blogging has undoubtedly widened the boundaries of writing but this art form has been into existence ever since the advent of first human languages. As an art form writing is believed to be pure and circumstantial at the same time. We have always had writers but the age of Internet has catapulted this as successful business.

Writing Blog style

Millions of individuals across the globe are writing and publish their views on the web. Consequently, it has now become a competitive line of work and solely relies on the number of readers. No matter how much you invest in advertising or marketing, the proven way to improve your readers is by content.

The way you write and the idea you put in your readers minds will have a profound impact on your blog rankings. To attract more people to read your stuff is all about innovative yet grounded writing style.

Let’s talk about ten such ways which will let you have that impeccable writing style.

1. Correct Language:

We all write well in our first language. This is easy and fast. But if you are writing in another language, then you need to follow the basics of grammar. No matter even if you are writing in your first language the idea is to use the correct form of written language which is devoid of grammatical errors and regional influences.

The readers come from all places in the world. So make sure your content is well readable without any errors (or) with very few errors. Make sure you have the language checked by some other person before you hit that publish button if you are in doubt.

ProTip: Never publish content without reading it yourself atleast twice as this helps solve most grammatical mistakes.

2. Research:

A well written article is what your blog needs. In depth study of the topic to be written is a good way to ensure updated information being propagated which eventually enhances the quality of content. Don’t fake opinions or make up things. Try finding what your users will love. Make it more lively by adding your style to the facts.

If you write something vaguely, it is of no value. Simply it may be termed useless! Don’t jsut write some topic because other are writing about it. Try to make your own points and make your idea stand out.

3. Regularity:

Practice makes a man perfect, a woman too for that matter. The point being the more you write the more your style gets evolved. Just write as much as you can. Some people write once in every six months which is very bad. I mean really really bad.

You started a blog to write. So just do it. If you are not really interested in writing, you can stop it. However if you want more audience, regular publishing is important. Regular doesn’t necessarily mean every day but even once a week will do.

Find some good titles to write during your free time. Make sure you jot them down on a notepad so that they can be easily accessed. Try to write as much as you can. This will improve your writing style and also fetch more readers to your blog.

4. Feedback:

Ask a marketing firm or any successful business whats more important after selling. It’s feedback. How your product or service fared is what is required to determine your future sales. If you don’t get feedback, you are not doing enough to get noticed and you can’t out in the crowd.

Seek constant feedback for what you write and work on improving the same. Incorporating elements and making changes will definitely improve your writing style.

Ask a reader, ask a fellow blogger, ask a friend or a family member. Feedback helps you in a lot of ways than you imagine.

ProTip: Always try to ask for new ideas in the form of feedback. This will help you understand what people are exactly trying to get from you. So you’ll end up creating the perfectly converting blog.

5. Use short sentences.

Reduce the length of the sentences and try to convey the message in short and crisp manner. Such content retains readers for a longer duration of time. If i write a long boring paragraph, chances are that you’ll just move on to another post or even another blog. If you segregate your content into smaller pieces and add a few sub headings or lists, you content will stand out.

The users won’t be bored or annoyed when they see a well structured content, like this one.

6. Reader analysis:

Feedback helps you improve your blog and writing. Analyze the needs of the readers. Based on the nature of the content you are writing you should always try to write it keeping reader’s perspective in mind.

Ask the readers what they’d like to see from you. Take a survey and find whats appealing and what’s not. Improvise on your ideas using your readers opinions.

7. Individuality (Don’t lose it!):

It is your writing style we are talking about, so the most crucial factor is your identity. When you write a blog, YOU are writing it. Don’t try to imitate somebody else or publish something that’s not written by you. Keep a unique style to your writings. Don’t alter your writing style in a manner which shadows your signature style.

Test different writing styles and see which ones are converting well for you. Make some changes and ask fellow bloggers or friends to how they feel about it. When you are writing as yourself, the content has more impact than something which is fabricated or sugar coated.

8. Read a lot:

Reading improves your knowledge. This is universally applicable to any niche. Try to read more on the topics of your interest. Also check your competitors blog. Read other niches blogs.

When you do this, you’ll understand how differently you can present a same topic. You’ll even get new ideas out of it ?

Reading is the most crucial point. Invest a lot of time on reading varied genres and you will feel the enhancement in the way you write.

ProTip: Make it a habit to read your competitor’s blogs. This helps you get more ideas for you blog. You can try to present something better than him/her.

9. Kill Repetition:

This is one factor which diminishes the quality of your content no matter how well you write. Mentioning the same facts again and restating them in a new manner should be avoided while writing long prose.

Say you already wrote about ‘Honda vs Hyundai’ on your blog. Now writing about ‘Hyundai vs Honda’ or something like ‘Honda or Hyundai’ is of no use. Basically you write the same stuff again and again and no one is going to like it.

Check you current titles before thinking of a new one. Make sure you have not covered it before. This will help you retain a uniqueness to your blog. This is very important in todays world as search engines don’t like same content from you again and again.

10. Self referencing:

While writing for web readers try to keep your content as neutral as possible. Avoid self referencing will improve the quality of your content. Of course everyone want a bit of credit for their work. This is to be done with caution. Don’t indulge in writing about your own ideas and your own works when the blog can cover a lot more things.

Some people have a way of writing more about themselves than about the subject. Seriously! never do that.

Your blog is your voice. But it should be about a lot more than just you.

The aforementioned points cover some factors pertaining to quality writing however the list is not exhaustive. Improving your writing style is a long and complex task which required constant scrutiny and dedicated hard work. Let the writer inside you evolve naturally while you try to expedite the process by offering tweaks to your writing style.

Please leave your feedback in the comments below and also let me know how I can improve my content for you.

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