The SEO Playlist – Top Music Albums For SEO's and Webmasters

SEO involves a number of tasks, from writing articles for your own sites, to generating content that you can use as guest posts and generally coding your own pages in ways that will help them to get noticed by Google. While these tasks are many and varied though, they all have things in common – they all involve working on your own, they all require concentration and they all have an element of concentration. Something else that all these tasks have in common, is that they can all be performed better to music.

For music to really help with any of these things though, it needs to be ambient and lyric-less so that it doesn’t distract from what you’re doing and it needs to have a high-tech feel to it so that you feel like you’re a techno-wizard while you’re ‘plugged in’. Here, I will share some of the best music for coding to that should help your concentration and prevent you from getting bored out of your mind…

Tron Legacy OST by Daft Punk

SEO Music Playlist

The Tron Legacy soundtrack is one that has been critically acclaimed and found something of a cult following. Basically it’s Daft Punk meets film score, which results in a dramatic and ambient effect with high tech bleeps and whirs to help you keep up the pace.

Drukqs by Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin has a cult following thanks to his interesting personality and some of the interesting things he does with his tracks. Whether you’re a fan or not though, you should find that the ambient sound and steady beats helps you to work and doesn’t interfere too much when you’re typing.

The Very Best of Enya by Enya

Not everyone is going to be a fan of high tech bleeps and whooshing noises just because they’re working on a computer. If you wanted something a little more chilled for writing to, then why not try some Enya? Granted Enya isn’t the ‘coolest’ artist in the world, but her music is undeniably chilled and peaceful and it’s great for writing to.

Transformers OST by Steve Jablonski

Webmaster Music Album Playlist

For a film by Michael Bay about giant robots smashing each other in the face, the Transformers soundtrack is actually incredibly beautiful and dramatic at the same time. It has a techno edge to it, but it’s also very touching and stirring in places.

Casino Royale by Nicholas Dodd

Music Albums for Bloggers

Casino Royale is a surprisingly reserved soundtrack but also one that’s great for encouraging concentration. If you’re working on a laptop then I find it to be particular fitting as it makes you feel like a spy looking through important secret files… It does get a little dramatic in places though which can be a tad distracting.

The Social Network by Trent Reznor

The Social Network film is a huge hit among webmasters for obvious reasons and the soundtrack is equally as popular – perfectly fitting the feel of coding late at night or working on a smart idea you hope will be the ‘next big thing’.

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This post is authored by Mike K. He is an internet marketing consultant at Wisdek. When he isn’t busy with his work of website optimization, he often listens to his favourite soundtracks and has listed some of them in this article.

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