Five Resume Writing Tips For The Up-and-coming SEO

Your resume is what sells you. As a budding SEO expert, you want to make sure your resume is in top-notch condition. Your resume will show potential employers your skills as a budding SEO and it will be an important tool you use to obtain the job. By following these five resume writing tips, you will be able to establish yourself as an SEO expert.

Keep it Simple

A resume is the perfect opportunity to show off your SEO knowledge, and the way your information is expressed on your resume will be the deciding factor in getting a call back from your potential employer. Don’t go overboard with jargon just for the sake of making yourself sound more intelligent. Your resume should be easy to read. Stuffing your sentences with complicated words may alienate you from the person reading your resume. Simplicity is best. List projects you have contributed to as well as your skills. Most importantly, show off your knowledge on SEO and internet marketing in general.

List Your Skills

When writing a resume to show off your expertise in SEO, show off what you do best. SEO is about getting websites to rank higher in search engine results. When writing your resume, you need to show that you have the talent to get the job done. You want to convey to your potential employer that you have the technical know-how to become an expert SEO, even if you’re not 100% there yet right now. Show off projects (don’t forget about personal projects) you have worked on that showcase your skills.

Have an Online Portfolio

As a budding SEO expert, you should have a portfolio listed in your resume, preferably with a link to a portfolio webpage. If you have permission from past clients, your portfolio should provide links to past projects that you have helped boost SEO for. Your portfolio can explain how you got a particular site to get better search engine rankings. While your portfolio website doesn’t need to be a design masterpiece, it should at least have a clean look and be SEO optimized.

Keep it Clutter Free

Your resume should be no longer than two pages. Anything longer is pointless as this will never be fully read. There should be no long paragraphs in your resume; keep it short and to the point. White space is very important on a resume. Employers like to be able to quickly scan over a resume to see if the person is a potential match for the position. Not having your pages cluttered allows for them to do this.

No Errors

Lastly, there should be no errors in your resume. As with a resume for any position, having spelling or grammatical errors in your resume should be avoided at all costs. Since writing can be a part of SEO, you should show that you know how to articulate properly. There are no second chances when it comes to applying for a job, so your first attempt at getting the job is usually your only real chance.

Writing your resume for your new SEO career is exciting but it can also be challenging. Having a strong resume can put you ahead of the game when applying for positions. By following these five resume writing tips, you will increase your chances of scoring your dream SEO job.

Zane Schwarzlose is an up-and-came SEO at Fahrenheit Marketing, an Austin Internet marketing company. Zane thinks that SEO should get Google Analytics certified.

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