Why Isn't My Website Getting Any Visitors?

You recently created a much-needed website for your business, but it isn’t getting the number of visitors you anticipated. Maybe it is not generating the conversions you needed, either. If your website isn’t getting any traffic and you want to know why, this guide will propose three common culprits of low visitor counts.

1. Your Content Strategy Needs Work

You have to give your website visitors what they need. Are customers looking for your phone number? Are clients looking for testimonials? Do your shareholders need a place to download your reports? If you cannot think of a single thing your potential clients or customers need, then you probably don’t need a website at all. Chances are, though, that your website could serve as the perfect home to plenty of useful information.

These days, very few people browse business websites out of pure curiosity. They are looking for something. Make sure you know what your customers or clients need, and deliver it. If your customers do not need a moon phase calendar then do not include it – search engines and website directories have to be able to take one quick snapshot of your website and categorize it, and this is impossible if you have too much unrelated information cluttering up your content space.

2. Your Search Engine Strategy Needs Work

Let’s assume that your content strategy is spot-on. Your website adequately addresses every need that your potential customer or client may have. The problem might not have anything to do with your content – maybe you just need to make that content easier to find. Search engines are the most efficient way of finding information these days and chances are, your customers and clients are using them.

Search engine strategy involves optimizing your website to make sure that all that information is easy to find. It does take some work and technical knowledge – unless you are willing to devour books on the subject, think about investing in professional SEO services instead. A professional can get you started until you can train your own in-house optimization team.

3. Your Tracking and Analysis Techniques Need Work

Your site might be getting visitors, but you may have trouble tracking them. How are you keeping track of your visitor count? There are plenty of advanced tools on the web to help you analyze your traffic and figure out where it is coming from. If you have been counting the number of conversions up to this point but ignoring raw traffic, you may realize that visitors have been coming to your site but just aren’t converting. You can find out many interesting statistics from traffic analysis tools.

Remember – strong content takes time. Rankings take time. Results take time. Don’t get upset if your hard work does not yield an immediate change in website traffic.

If you believe your overall strategy may need work, talk to a consultant as soon as you can. Investing in a few hours with a consultant may be the best thing you could do to get your website off the ground in the most efficient way possible.

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