How to Build an eCommerce Store From Scratch

Not only can you start your own website online, but you can also start an eCommerce site these days. No matter where you are, whatever you do, your online presence can simply take your business to heights. Now, considering the boom, which ecommerce has registered of late, everyone is naturally eyeing to create those well optimized, sophisticated, charismatic and highly user friendly ecommerce websites to stand out from the rest. Creating an eCommerce website was a bit of rocket science earlier when the design and functionality had to be made from scratch. has stolen all that charisma as it stood out to be the best online store builder right now with lots of user friendly options for the not so techie people. offers the renowned online website builder and its eCommerce platform is known as WixStores.

What you can do with WixStores:

WixStores facilitates you to build a store with custom domain name and hosting. So what, if you are not too technically sound with coding and all, yet you will be able to build a highly developed, functional as well as a professional eCommerce website. All you need to do is edit the default website template, make the changes and publish it online for the world.

wix 1

Here is a short list of what best features WixStores has to offer:

  • Custom templates with categories to choose from
  • Add ons to improve functionality of the eCommerce website
  • Payment systems built in
  • Stable and secure hosting
  • Manage your store through the WixStores Store Manager
  • Domain name search and registration services

About WixStores:

Considering the mammoth shift towards eCommerce businesses, WixStores has stood out, because of its ease and ever increasing clients across the world. Its eCommerce platform has awesome features. If you are looking to create an eye catching, captivating online store with a variety of facilities, then you have found the best and the simplest way of creating an online store. You will be like “Wow” as its powerful management system is something, which you can’t deny. Likewise, it is equally mobile optimized, which further works in your favor too.

Why is WixStores different from the rest?

We have seen many online website builders that fail to deliver. So we took a peek into how WixStores works and created our own demo site. The paid plan we chose was eCommerce (however, the VIP plan also includes WixStores). Considering the vast number of features offered, the price is quite liberal. Although, there is no dearth of eCommerce platforms out there, WixStores is special and the following points authenticate the same as well:

Captivating designs – If “professionals” design templates, then it shows and the same goes for such captivating templates. Just choose the one and work your way. Great, isn’t it?

We had no issues finding lots of designs in the gallery. Each and every template is unique and beautiful. No business can blossom without displaying in galleries. WixStores comes at your services with different galleries to take your breath away. You have the option to choose from a wide range of themes in all the plans. The best part is that every theme is mobile optimized.

wix 2

Sophisticated back-end support – It’s extremely crucial that you have back-end support for your eCommerce website in order to ensure that your site constantly performs well. Who else can better assist the same than Wix’s support team.

Mobile and SEO Optimized: SEO is a big deal these days. With Google’s latest mobile penalty update, everyone has learnt a lesson that their site should be mobile optimized as well. Most of us operate sites through mobile and all the Wix templates are mobile optimized as well.

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Secure Payment Methods – Selling online is never complete without a payment method. WixStores offers three different payment methods option in its plan, which will cut down the hassle of setting up things on your own.

Easily manage your orders – Keeping all your past and present orders is essential and this can be seen in bigger commerce sites. WixStores offers this functionality in sites and you can keep a track of the list of orders, which you have added in an easy manner.

Options for creating different products – The more products in your portfolio, the tougher it becomes to list and set them up on a site. But then again you can easily take care of this tedious task using the WixStore pages. Through available options of size, colors etc meant for different products, you can create them as you want. You are also facilitated to add a whopping 20 images for every single product.

wix 4

Give it a try!

It’s child’s play when it comes to signing up for Wix and getting on with your work. Likewise, there are no hidden terms of conditions. You don’t have to pay any sort of commission as well. Doesn’t Wix give you an easy way to express yourself in a larger platform? Yes, indeed. Well, simply sign up for and try WixStores.

You can simply create a beautiful site either for personal or for business use. We had a chance to test a demo site and make changes to it in minutes. Also the overall ease and simplicity of the visual editor outperforms all the other competitors out there.

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