How content marketing can benefit small business and start ups

Content Marketing and promotion are the backbone of any business. The number of people you can reach is directly proportional to the success of your business venture. There are several ways businessman have marketed their business in the past but today the quickest and the most efficient medium to make people aware about your presence is the Internet, especially if you are an entrepreneur or running your business which falls under the SMB category i.e. Small and Midsize Business.

Unlike big conglomerates, SMBs run on a relatively small capital and sharing content over the web is a cost effective way to increase their clientele and at the same time retain old customers.


By definition content marketing is a strategy of creating and sharing content. The content can be in form news, graphics, photos, forums, reviews, case studies, videos, interviews etc. While this strategy is implemented by almost every category of business, SMB brands have made most out of it in a profound way.

The paradigm of buyer seller relationship is shifted now. Earlier sellers used to be expert in their products and now buyers are more aware and thus know the products better. This makes them a keen customer who shops with intelligence. Through content marketing SMBs can create awareness about their products which further broadens the customer base.

Creating valuable and cost effective content and sharing it through the Web allows smaller businesses to design and implement their marketing strategy without allocating a large amount of money for promotion.

The diverse nature of web content is another advantage for SMB brands. Content created on and for Internet can be equipped with several forms of entities which are customizable as per the need. Content can be created as texts, videos, blogs etc. Moreover, content creation is a continuous procedure which lets SMB brands update and amend their strategy as per the response.

Now, this part really brings these SMBs in league with big market players. Taking advantage of the technological developments in Internet communication new brands and products can be launched and promoted all across the globe.

Following are the few benefits of content marketing:

  • Good content increases the number of page visits which is further helpful in creating more leads.
  • Product awareness is facilitated through blogs, case studies, Q&A, videos etc
  • Enhanced customer interaction on more personal level through forums, feedback forms etc.
  • Regulated product development based on customer responses.
  • Content marketing is way cheaper than other forms of marketing strategies adopted by large corporations.

Additionally, well conceived and effective content increases leads and eventually the sales. This further increases the revenue of the particular brand and enables SMBs to venture into new dimensions of the same business or explore new business arenas altogether. Another less prominent factor which is extremely beneficial for an SMB brand is, tracking the competition.

Virtually transparent digital media allows SMBs to flow seamless through the content shared by a competitor. Constant scrutinizing and statistical analysis can provide a deep insight into the functioning of the rival brand and further marketing strategies can be planned accordingly.

All these combined factors make content marketing a digital boon for SMB brands which play a pivotal role in the functioning of the Business Ecosystem.

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