Take A Chairlift To The Top Of The Mountain With 5 Great SEO Techniques

You have to look at the Internet as a mountain and everyone with a website is a climber hoping to scale up it. When you are brand new you have to start at the bottom and you hate it. When you look up you can see all of the successful websites at the top and they look happy. They should be because they are making an absolute fortune while you make next to nothing. The only way to reach their level is by putting one foot in front of the other and climbing to the top.

It’s a long, hard climb and most people usually give up as soon as their legs start to get sore. Even though you might be working hard you don’t seem to be going anywhere real fast. SEO can change that in a heartbeat. If you manage to hit the top of Google it’s the same as sitting on the magical chairlift that had appeared beside you and it will take you to the top without you having to do anything. The only hard part is making the chairlift appear, so we’re going to look at some of the best SEO techniques that people are seeing success with.

Get other people to do it for you

This is the dream SEO technique and it requires a huge amount of people giving you a link anywhere they can because they want to share your content with others. You might be surprised, but the easiest way you can succeed with this technique is by writing amazing content that helps people. Nobody is going to give you links if your content is poor. This should be considered a long-term strategy, but once it starts working you will see search engine traffic coming in from everywhere.

5 great seo techniques to build your blog business online

The buddy system

The buddy system is used in a lot of situations. Deep sea divers use it so you have someone to help you out when you’re struggling. I guess you could say it’s the exact same thing online because when you make friends with people they will help you grow your blog and sooner or later you will stop struggling. The way they help you is by sharing your links everywhere and sending traffic to you directly, but the powerful backlinks you get are also great for SEO.

Get your name out there

The easiest way to get your name out there is by writing for blogs that are more popular. When they have a huge audience it’s obviously a great way to get people back to your own site. When pitching another blog it is a lot easier to do it to someone you know. Keep that in mind and if possible you should try and get on their radar before you ever ask for something. They are much more likely to agree to your request when they know who you are.

Give stuff away

Start bringing lots of your ideas together and turn them into a book. This book won’t be something you will make lots of money from because you will give it away for free. People love receiving free gifts and you can give people a link back to your website to collect it. There is less chance of your link being deleted by someone like a forum moderator because you are giving something of value away. It’s an easy way to blast some nice links all over the place.

Use different forms of media

When you start using videos and podcasting you get more links from YouTube and iTunes and those can turn into powerful ones. At the very least you will get lots of direct traffic. The best results come when you keep adding great information whenever you have the time. People also love to share great videos and podcasts so you’ll also get backlinks that way. An added bonus is that some people get most of their traffic through these channels.

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