Making the Web Work for You, Even when you're asleep

Just about every business these days has a website to stake their claim on the virtual patch of internet real estate to which they feel entitled. However, even though stake many companies have their corner of the web marked out, not everyone sees the value of a good website and the way it can improve image, brand recognition and sales.

If you’re skeptical about the value of a good website or think that your personal approach is all you need to make a connection with your customer base, prepare to be persuaded.

Making an impression

These days, anyone who’s anyone has a website. From celebrities through to your average Joe in the street, people are using the web to create an image of themselves for public consumption. The version of an online persona is becoming an increasingly important part of how we interact with others and how we identify ourselves.

As people turn to the internet to create an image of themselves online, they increasingly expect those they do business with to do the same. Creating a website that gives a clear impression about your company, what you offer and what you stand for gives people an opportunity to connect with you without even having met anyone in your team.

Not only are websites important for building your identity and making an impression on your current and potential customers, your web presence is an important part of your engagement with consumers. Research published in the Journal of Communication Management back in 2001 recognised the emerging importance of the internet in starting two-way communications with stakeholders in an organisation’s business. These days, people want to be able to communicate with the companies they do business with easily and have their messages heard. By using your website to engage with your customers you can start a discussion with your customers and find out what they expect from you as well as you telling them what you have to offer.

Making sales

Once you’ve created a positive impression of your company online, it’s time to turn that image into revenue. While in the early days of the internet the web was more of a reference library, now the online world is more of a shopping mall. Everything from fashion and consumer goods through to engineering firms working on multi-million pound contracts has its place in the virtual marketplace.

As this proliferation of online shop fronts increases, consumers are becoming more wary and suspicious of any firm that doesn’t have a web presence. A company’s website gives customers a low-pressure environment in which they can find out more about you without the worry of encountering the hard sell. Even if you don’t intend to use your website for direct selling, failure to create a presence online can harm sales down the line.

If you do want to use your website as a virtual store, e-commerce offers organisations a cost effective way of getting products to their customers in a cost-effective and efficient way. With a reduced requirement for premises, sales people and maintenance of stock on hand, selling through a website is a great way to maximise sales for minimum investment. Secure payment methods and online stock control can automate much of the process and reduce the effort required from your side of the transaction.


From making your first impression to sealing the deal, having a website can help you at every stage of engagement with your customers. A well-designed website that clearly communicates information about your company, gives a good impression of your brand and even offers customers a way to purchase from you directly makes the investment in a professional web design an obvious choice.

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