Food for Thought: Five Excellent Reasons to take Paid Surveys

Taking surveys online can be interesting, especially if you end up getting paid for your opinion. But wait a minute? Did you just delete a survey mail from your inbox? What if that mail was your ticket for the big bucks? While a lot of junk does filter into your inbox, a paid market survey could really be a good opportunity for all those who are looking to make some quick bucks off the net.

Market research is an essential part of business strategy. This involves efforts to gather information about the likes, dislikes etc. in the market or of the consumers. Every year market researchers spend billions trying to understand the demands of the consumers. Their findings help companies make better profits by giving them an edge over their competitors.

In order to make the best of these surveys, here’s a list of 5 quick reasons on why you should take paid surveys:

You get paid:

Companies understand that your time is precious and not everyone would want to spend it by filling up forms and answering questions they don’t relate to.
Thus they are willing to pay you, because they are smart enough to understand that money is a big motivator and why should you shy away from earning a couple of bucks.
Before you ask the imminent question of how much you should ask for, it’s better to understand the complexity of the survey.
Once you have gauged the efforts required, you can quote a suitable price for your time and input.
Just about seventy five for one online survey; around a fifty for shopping surveys, a hundred and fifty for phone surveys and a whole two hundred and fifty for focus groups.
Now imagine that smile on your face when one morning you wake up, walk to the mailbox and find a check waiting for you for just a few mouse clicks, or a tick, or just talking about things etc.

It is easy:

When you get started, all you have to do is fill in a registration form and send it.
Then you wait for the company’s approval and in most cases get a confirmation email within a few minutes, or at the max, in a few hours.
How difficult is that? In addition to that, you don’t need any qualifications; all they want is your opinion of things and you don’t need any kind of special gear to participate besides, of course, a working computer and good connectivity to the internet.

You get to make a difference:

  • Your opinion matters and these companies understand that.
  • This is your chance to tell them what you think should be and what you think should not be.
  • These companies have the authority to make the changes that you want and they include car dealers, health care advisors, airlines, hotels and government agencies.

Cool way of life:

If you want to make this your career in some way (it is quite possible), you have the choice to do it full time or part time. Since this is voluntary, you are your own boss and don’t have any one breathing down your neck all the time.


  • This work is not tedious and definitely won’t end up feeling like a chore.
  • Paid surveys does not require continuous effort on your part; devote as much time as you can every day.
  • You will be given various assignments involving new products that you will test before they go to the market and new technologies.
  • Giving your opinions on current products and services in the market can make a big difference to the companies’ manufacturing the products.

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