Making the Move from Traditional to Digital Marketing

What’s the difference between traditional and digital marketing? Although some of the tactics are different, the general philosophy is the same.

However, some companies have resisted making the move to the digital world.

digital marketing

You probably have already heard that digital marketing tactics can accelerate and automate your marketing campaigns while reducing expenses. Still, the fear of the unknown and the need to learn new things might discourage you from changing.

You can’t afford to ignore digital marketing anymore. Traditional marketing can miss millions of people who increasingly spend their time online. Therefore, you should remember that you lose selling opportunities every day if you’re not marketing online.

Of course, digital marketing may not completely replace your traditional marketing strategy. As a matter of fact, you might discover that the two forms of marketing work well together.

Use the following tips to get started with your transition to digital marketing.

Start Slow

New digital marketers can quickly feel overwhelmed, so avoid that problem by starting slow. Rather than simultaneously tackling multiple channels and tactics, start with just one.

For instance, you might want to start by building a website. After that, you could start learning how to optimize your website’s content.

Afterward, you could then start working with social media marketing. Eventually, you will use all of them to create advanced digital marketing campaigns.

First Steps

Start your digital marketing journey by getting your brand online. Secure your domain name and choose a web hosting service. You can position your website as the hub of your digital marketing strategy.

Next, create listings for your company in local and industry business directories. This process will help people find you online and provide links that lead back to your site. If you serve local customers in your facility, be sure to create your Google business profile.

Additionally, find out what social networks your customers prefer and create business profiles on those sites. That should complete the framework for a basic online presence.

Use Technology

You probably already use technology to create videos, graphics, and text for your traditional marketing channels. In many cases, you can use those tools to create content for the digital world.

However, you will need to embrace technologies that seem new to you. For instance, you can find social media management tools to help you coordinate your content strategy. You can also find other tools that can help you and your team become more productive.

For example, you can use technology to connect disparate departments such as manufacturing and marketing. Through better communications, your teams can collaborate on projects.

By drawing from multiple perspectives, you will have a chance to increase the relevance of your marketing messages. You can also work together to improve your products and services.

Email Marketing

Technology can also help you create, manage, and assess email marketing campaigns. Despite well-publicized problems with spam, email continues to provide an effective and profitable way to grow sales.

Your initial email marketing tactics should involve building a mailing list in ways that conform to applicable laws. For instance, you can’t send marketing messages to people without their permission.

Technical components of your emails also matter. Therefore, you will have to learn how to optimize your subject lines to encourage people to open your emails.

As you get experience, you can improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns by segmentation and personalization.

Other Tactics

As you become more comfortable with digital marketing, you will want to engage in search engine optimization. This process helps your website content get noticed by prospective customers in search engine results.

You should also start blogging. By publishing your original content, you can demonstrate your expertise in your industry. You also get a chance to add value to your customers by providing solutions to their real-world problems and desires.

Finally, you will want to explore paid digital marketing options. You can buy advertisements on search engines and social media platforms, exposing your brand to targeted online populations.

In Summary

Your decision to make the move from traditional to digital marketing gives your business new opportunities for growth. Also, remember that your traditional marketing tactics can complement your digital efforts.

Was your transition from traditional to digital marketing easy? Please take a moment to share your experiences, suggestions, and opinions.

Jasmine Williams covers the good and the bad of today’s business and marketing. When she’s not being all serious and busy, she’s usually hunched over a book or dancing in the kitchen, trying hard to maintain rhythm, and delivering some fine cooking (her family says so). Contact Jasmine @JazzyWilliams88

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