Only A Fool Wouldn't Use Autoresponder Software And Here Are 5 Reasons Why

If you run an online business you’re probably smart enough to realize you will need to start using software at some point. What you choose to use could determine whether or not you’re successful. Do you use anything in particular at the moment? I hope you said autoresponder software, but don’t worry if you didn’t because you might decide to start using it today.

Autoresponder software basically lets you collect email addresses of the people who visit your site. It’s very cheap to get started, so you won’t have to pay a lot of money each month until you have a massive list. By that point you should be making enough money to pay for it anyway. Let’s look at some of the reasons why it’s essential in this day and age.

An easy way to reach out

Do you know how many people read your blog at the moment? The only reason you might know is because you have analytics installed, but if I asked you to reach out to those readers you wouldn’t be able to do it. Why would anyone want potential customers they can’t get in touch with? When you have someone on an email list you can reach out to them whenever you want.

It’s a lot more personal

I’m sure you already know an email is very personal because someone is giving you permission to enter their inbox. What you don’t maybe realize is why it’s so special. I bet they get a lot of emails from their friends every week, so if you send them out amazing emails you can become their friend too. Now when you start recommending products they will listen to you a lot more.

Set up a sales funnel

If you use autoresponder software you can still send out broadcast messages to everyone on your list, but it will also allow you to build a special sales funnel using follow-up emails. This means you can carefully craft your emails until they make you the maximum amount of money possible. No matter when someone joins your list they will start from the same place as everyone else.

Step away for a while

The beauty of setting up a sales funnel is the freedom it gives you. You can spend a week climbing a mountain in Africa and you know when someone joins your list they will be sent your follow-up emails automatically. You just need to make sure you keep adding enough emails into the sequence and you will always be able to step away from the business for a while.

They convert great

Do you know how many people buy your product when they land on your website? You can track some things and you might be able to find out, but I bet the number is really low. It’s completely different when you ask someone on your list to buy a product because they feel like they can trust your recommendation. You will make a lot more money, but be careful you don’t burn your list.

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The author of this post, James Law, is a part of the team at MLMLeadSpecialist, a company that helps generate multi-level marketing leads. He has a keen interest in marketing and enjoys sharing his ideas via blogging.

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