Marketing 101: Appeal And Substance

If you are going to research on the reasons behind the financial success of billionaires around the globe, you will surely find yourself being attracted to the idea of setting up your own business, especially since a large proportion of the rich populace are self-employed. This is not that difficult to do, especially with the power the Internet has upon consumers. The old days of buying magazines, books, newspaper, clothing or any consumer product have now been pushed aside because people can now find anything and everything under the sun, thanks to the World Wide Web. This, in turn, is a large opportunity for you since there is basically no restriction in setting up your own web page.

However, since there are already millions of web pages, the real challenge you have to face is strengthening your web presence so that people would know your website exists. This is not really a hard task since everything you need is available—you just have to come up with a wise marketing tactic.

Be Unique. Be Updated.

Okay, so here is the deal, web design is a high contributing factor to your success, and since the trends in the virtual world are continuously changing, you should always update your web page and make sure that it keeps up with these trends. It may be loads of work, yes, but you would definitely gain benefits from it since people always look for what’s new and what’s hot. In the year 2014, it is anticipated that more websites will adopt the ‘flat design’ as it is simpler and more convenient for the users. Additionally, you do not need to overdo your design since people perceive simpler web designs to be more appealing and more professional looking. On that note, do not make your web page purely about you—unless it is a private blog. What you need to consider are your readers and what is appealing to their eyes. Only through that can you make your page more attractive to the virtual audience.

Substance over Appearance

Yes, packaging is very important, but personally, I do not believe in ‘love at first sight’. Since you are most probably setting long-term goals for your company, you have to target the heart and the loyalty of your consumers. Even if your page may look professional and it is very accessible to the audience, it will not count heavily once your audience finds out that your page lacks substance, and when I say substance, I am referring to content. Make sure that the blogs and articles are within the prescribed length—which, by the way, is 500 words or more—and of course, keep them interesting to read. There are very rare web pages that come up with quality content and you have to use this to your advantage. Look at the grammar, spelling and the overall quality of the articles, and before posting, ask yourself, “Is this a good read?”Through this, you’d be able to make your readers fall head over heels in love with your page.

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