How Long Should Your Website Design Take If You're Doing It Right?

If you’re one of those hyperactive entrepreneurs then you will probably find yourself having a million different ideas on any given day, all of which you suspect might be that next ‘big hit’ which could change the world and make you rich. If you work online meanwhile, then there’s probably a strong chance that many of these ideas revolve around websites, which is why you’ll often find yourself building new sites and buying new domains.

The problem then though is seeing these ideas through and making them into a reality. Unfortunately, most idea-rich entrepreneurs tend to fall into one of two unideal categories here:

The perfectionist who has a brilliant idea for a website but then spends years building it and making sure everything is absolutely perfect. This kind of entrepreneur will make sure they’ve thought of every single possible angle; they’ll do market research, they’ll work with other designers, they’ll make sure that they have the legal rights to the domain and probably get it trademarked… and they’ll never end up releasing it.

The slap-dash entrepreneur. This kind of person doesn’t spend long enough on their site because they’re too excited to see it get finished, and because they want to release something quickly so that they can move onto the next wall. This kind of person wants to throw lots of paint at the wall in order to see what sticks and not dwell too long on one idea that may not be a success. Unfortunately though the products they release are often so half-baked that they never stand any chance of being successful and they end up wasting their time and leaving a trail of tat in their wake.

In order to be successful as a web entrepreneur then you need to find the perfect balance between these two extremes. You need to spend just the right amount of time on your web design, but what is the right amount of time??

Quicker is Better

If you were going to be one of those kinds of entrepreneurs though, which one would you rather be? The former might sound like the more sensible way to fail, but actually if you were going to pick one as the less of two evils it should be the latter. The reason is that perfectionists tend to never release anything which of course means they end up with no chance of a hit at all. Once you’ve worked on a website for over six months it gets to the point where you’ve invested too much time in it and won’t be able to bear to see it fail. Thus you end up finding more things to tweak and check as a delay tactic, but that just ensures that it will eventually collapse under its own weight.

Good business works quickly. You don’t want to invest all your time and energy into one project when you could have two, because the fewer interests you have the higher the probability is that you’re going to fail.

That said though, you also mustn’t rush your site out if that means sacrificing quality control. You need to make sure that at the very least, your site looks professional and can reflect well on your organisation.

At the same time you need to make sure that your site ticks various boxes that will increase the likelihood of its being successful. That means it needs to be well built in terms of SEO (things like a site map will help), it needs to load correctly on all devices no matter the size of the screen, and it needs to load quickly and efficiently. Of course it mustn’t have any dead links, and you want to avoid cutting corners that will make more work for you in the future.

If you really want to get the perfect balance between speed and efficiency, then it’s a good idea to invest in a bit of outsourcing. Using a professional web designing company will mean your site is completed with a rapid turnover and high quality. Otherwise you can simply outsource elements of your site to other companies, such as the on-page SEO or the creation of specific graphics.

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Today’s author, Tim Stephen, is an employee at Trice Web Development Inc., a leading web designing company in Toronto. Tim is a culinary enthusiast and specializes in desserts.

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