Three step guide to maintain a healthy email etiquette

You might be an upcoming entrepreneur or you are already running a successful business, one thing which is at the top of the to-do list is marketing. The success of any business venture is directly proportional to how is it being promoted in the market. There are traditional and more conventional ways to carry out the required level of marketing and these ways are undoubtedly effective in certain scenarios.

However, with the advent of modern technology the way we market our businesses has evolved too. With the number of internet users increasing every day the importance of leaving footprints on the web is getting paramount.


Email marketing is a very effective way to achieve marketing targets through the web mail online free. Ever since the invention of email, this electronic way of sending letters has literally changed the way we communicate. People have always been fond of emails and interestingly even with the advent of other methods, emails still work. A bit of market research will give you the statistics favorable to the usability of emails. That is the reason, being a businessman you should never ignore the vitality of an effective email marketing plan, and the plan is to build an email list.

Creating such a list of clients is the first step towards accomplishing major marketing missions. Maintaining a relationship with clients can be achieved with a best email etiquette. Let’s discuss about certain attributes pertaining to creating and maintain an email marketing list:

  1. Esteemed clients

Well we don’t really treat spam very warmly do we? While executing our email marketing plans let’s ensure that we are not what we don’t appreciate ourselves. The best way to accomplish this task is creating a list of clients who you have already been communicating with maybe through other modes. These clients know you and the probability of them reading your marketing email is very high. Let’s target them

  1. Email marketing Vs social media

A lot of entrepreneurs actually give email marketing a lower position on their list and focus more on social media. This step in fact is driven by an ideology that social media provides you’ a far better reach than emails. Also, the visibility factor pertaining to these two distinct methods is somewhat debatable. However, a detailed scrutiny of the statistical data regarding online marketing will expose you to the fact that email marketing scores well over social media promotion.

  1. Content

The most obvious attribute which makes email marketing score over other platforms is the advantage of the space to create content. In contrast to posts or tweets, an email can accommodate a lot more information. A marketing email can contain almost every web entity pertaining to your business; ironically an email can actually contain the hyperlinks to other modes of promotion.

The aforementioned points are just the tip of the iceberg while talking about importance of creating an email list for marketing your business. Creating and maintaining such an email list will ensure positive results to any marketing campaign designed for your business.

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