Is it time for your Brand’s Visual Makeover?

Starting a brand makeover, visual or otherwise, should not be taken lightly. If you have created a brand, if your customers know who you are and what you stand for, getting a makeover will turn force all of this to change.

However, there are many good reasons why you should get one. The brand itself, whether it’s a blog, a service, a product, doesn’t matter. The very reasons why you should or should not change are pretty much the same for any line of business.

You are ready for something new:

One of the most positive reasons for a brand’s visual makeover is getting something new and exciting on the market. You may have begun providing a new service, or your company is producing a completely new kind of product.

Perhaps you’re letting the world know that your writing style and blog personality are changing. Whatever the source may be, changing your brand’s visual style to accompany the change is a great way to show you are serious.


Or, perhaps, you want to target some new market, some new audience. Maybe you want to target a new demographic or some niche area. This is an excellent chance to grow and to evolve. But in order to get noticed and make some waves, you need to stand out in every way you can.

You may not just be doing so well

Ask yourself – are you getting the response you were hoping for? Perhaps your current design is the same as everybody else that’s doing what you’re doing. You may have been drowned out by the sea of similar looking websites, logos and styles.

This is why you need this makeover in order to stand out. Just take the plunge and create something new. A proper brand re-design can surely push you forward. Furthermore, it’s like having a clean slate – you get the chance to almost start over and do things right this time around.

On the other hand, maybe you are standing out – for all the wrong reasons. If your logo, website, and blog look like it’s stuck in the nineties, nobody will take you seriously. It will make you look very cheap and tacky, not to mention stuck in the past. So have your logo updated, get rid of all those old stock photos, and get to work.

Your competition is getting tougher

Now, tough and growing completion is not just an issue for a standard, regular business. Facing competition as a blog writer, an artist or solo entrepreneur is also a big problem. It’s all about oversaturation of the market.

If you have noticed that your competitors are getting tougher and that your audience is moving away from you, and closer to them, then you need to do something different. See what they are doing, try to figure out if it’s because of you not being original, or if there’s something else there

Flaunt the change both offline and online

Now that you decided on going through with the change, we can’t let you leave this article without at least providing a little advice. The change itself, and how it’s going to look, is up to you. But, don’t let people miss out.

Update all your social media – your Facebook, your Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, whatever you use. Have your website match the new style, have your blogs layout follow suit.

And don’t forget to go offline as well. You should print out custom made stickers and business cards, and pass them around. These stickers should, of course, reflect the new design.

If you do any speaking engagements at trade shows, or just have a booth there, be sure to include the new style and design somehow. You can even use these as an opportunity to promote it.

Change shouldn’t have to be scary, especially not if you do it properly. Whatever the reason behind the change is, you should see it as an opportunity to grow and learn.

The most positive way of looking at this whole situation is to think of it like a chance to start fresh, and to reinvent yourself. Remember to just stay consistent, to update all your online platforms, and to spread the word offline.

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