How To Make Blogging Less Lonely

There are many great aspects to being a blogger. Of course it means that you get to work for yourself and set your own working hours, and right away that’s highly liberating and freeing. No more working with a boss breathing over your shoulder or scary deadlines to meet. Then there’s the sense of achievement that you get from creating something successful, and from writing about something you care about and being heard.

But there are downsides too, and one of the most difficult of these is the sense of loneliness you can get from working on your own at home. You won’t have colleague to gossip with, all your friends will be at work and you’ll spend a lot of time on your own writing articles that often won’t get feedback. This is a problem faced by many a blogger but there are ways you can make the process less boring. Here are just a few…

Don’t Work From Home

Working from home doesn’t have to be taken literally. Really it should just be called working from ‘not the office’. There’s nothing to stop you from working in cafes then, in bars or in the library – and here you’ll get a lot more little interactions with people as you buy your coffee/chat with people on the other table. This will feel a lot more like being in an office where you might bump into colleagues and prevent you from getting cabin fever.

Meet Friends


Another option is to meet friends, which you can do in a number of ways. Either you can spend time working with other friends who work from home, or you can work in the area where someone you know has their office and just meet up to share lunch together.

Find a Group

If you look online then you will probably find that there are all kinds of groups in your area for you to work with. Many bloggers and entrepreneurs will have the same problem and as such there are more and more groups meeting up in cafes and other venues to work together. And if you can’t find one, you could always start your own and ask your favourite café if you could pin up a notice.

You can also find networking events around the country which serve as a great way to find contacts and people to work with. Even if you don’t learn much, as an occasional distraction it’s a great way to get out of the home office.

Contact Other Bloggers

There are also many ways you can work with other like-minded people online. Try networking by contacting other bloggers or by hiring web designers and writers, and you can make your work feel more collaborative even if you’re only in contact by e-mail.

Answer Your Fans

As your site becomes more popular you will probably find that you get a fair amount of fan mail from visitors who appreciate your efforts. While not all of this mail will be entirely cognizant (trust me), some of it will be genuinely interesting and engaging. Take the time and effort to answer these e-mails and to have a proper conversation and you will feel that your efforts are much more appreciated.

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