How To Give Your Business A Personality

Everyone loves to support the underdog. Why? Because the underdog conventionally has more personality. While the most successful athlete, business or child might be the one who is technically superior, we tend to find the underdog more relating and more human which is why we tend to root for them.


In business you do not want to be the underdog because that would mean failing, but you do want people to root for you. If you can get the general public on your side, then you can make your products and services the more desirable option even when compared with other businesses that are providing the exact same products and services. So how do you get people behind you without becoming a loser? Simple: you just give your business more of a voice and a personality. Here’s how to go about doing that.

Social Media

Social media is highly useful for businesses as a way to promote themselves, but it can also make you seem young and hip as people still consider social media as such. At the same time social media gives you a chance to show off your personality with regular witty Tweets or Facebook posts and with interesting images. If you are going to create a Twitter page then make it one of your priorities to create an interesting sense of personality for your business so that people feel like they know you. Don’t just list all the offers that you currently have on, take time to craft interesting and humorous posts that won’t bore people to sleep.

E-Mail Marketing

Another way to communicate with your clients and customers is via e-mail which already has a very personal touch to it. Again, don’t just think of your e-mails as a chance to sell, sell, sell; but rather as a chance to catch up with your interested customers and to let them know what’s new in your business. If you struggle with this then there are many email marketing services out there that can help.

Stunts and Events

Google is a company that has quite a lot of personality, much of which comes from its various marketing stunts. For instance the Google Doodles have a lot of personality, while their April Fool’s jokes make a lot of people laugh and grab headlines. Think of ways that you can grab attention for your business by being controversial or just by doing something that’s a little less straight-laced and corporate once in a while.


Your website is a great place to put your personality across, so again think of this as an opportunity for expression as well as a long sales pitch. Generally that means being creative and making your website stand out from every other in your industry.

At the same time a website or blog is also again a great place to keep people up-to-date with your company news and happenings. Try to promote transparency so that people feel like they really know what your business is about and use this as a place to put forward your side of the story and respond to the press.

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