How To Avoid The 'Don'ts' Of Website Promotion

While we can all agree that promotion plays a huge role in the success of anything, whether it be a business, a website or a musical group, how do you know when you’re going too far? The good news is, even if you have taken it a step further than necessary, there’s no reason errors cannot be fixed. So, take a deep breath and let us walk you through a few aspects of marketing that we think everyone should know.

Over-Promoting Reeks of Spam

Have you ever been a member of a forum and had a commenter that posted more than anyone else around? It almost appeared as though they either had a hidden agenda (can anyone say ‘paid writer’?) or didn’t have a life outside the web. No matter the case, after a while this kind of behavior can get a bit irritating, no matter how helpful their posts may have been. If every single time you post, that person comments back within 30 seconds, the site starts to lack its authenticity – especially if they are one of the only people posting.

Keep this example in mind when speaking of your website. If all you do is fill your Twitter and Facebook feed with post after post about your products and services, there is a pretty good chance many people are going to become bored with what you have to say. If you are saying something, make sure it has purpose. Yes, everything you add to your site is imperative to its growth but do you really need to let the world know for the 2nd time this week that your logo has been updated?

Focus on the things your target audience want to hear about. This may include when your site is first opened to visitors, when new content has been added or express apologies over website errors that are in the process of being fixed. As you have probably noticed, promotion isn’t always intentional. Look at celebrities. Sometimes their life mistakes bring in more money than their actual albums or projects.

If you’re ever unsure how to go about spreading the word without appearing desperate, then put a spin on what you’re offering. Having a contest is a great way to give back to your visitors without the constant ‘buy my product’ or ‘read my latest blog post’ comments. Because, let’s face it – how many times do you see similar things in your feed? We all lead busy lives and if something appears dull, most people won’t offer a second look.

Repetition: A Big No-No in the Marketing World

While we’re sure you’ve probably heard somewhere along the line that in order to have a successful website, you must update your content often, how often is too often? How often is enough? There isn’t a plain and simple answer because it depends on what type of site you have. If offering self-help advice, once or twice a week could suffice but so could once a day.

Just remember to think of the future. Maybe today you have a lot to say, but a year from now, can you picture yourself coming up with 365 topics a year? No matter how often you choose to add new text to your page, make sure that they are properly edited, well written and offer something beneficial to your readers. Simply adding new content just because you feel the need to is never a good idea. Quality and quantity are both crucial but it’s better to have more quality than a large number of posts that are of low quality. The first few months are typically the roughest, but you’ll iron things out as you go – we promise.

Exceptions to the Rules

As always, you’re bound to find exceptions to the rules of marketing. This is why we cannot stress enough the importance of knowing your specific topic inside and out. Get to know your customer base, the people who frequent your site and what they expect of you. Read those customer reviews, those comments and get back to individuals as soon as you can. Take the words they say to heart because they are the people keeping your website afloat. While you’re at it, join admin forums and see what other people are doing to keep their sites fresh and new.

Promoting isn’t just about selling what you have to offer – it also has a lot to do with who you are as a person and who you choose to hire to work for you. One negative experience can mean a client lost for a lifetime. This is something that shouldn’t scare you out of expanding your website but is something we don’t want you to forget. Our world is always changing and technology is the most effective (and oftentimes – free!) way to get your name out there so go in, just don’t go in blind.

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