Why should all website owners and managers give SiteGround a try?

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Since 2004, SiteGround has been providing stellar web hosting service to websites across the world. They have over 23 data centers, and they cater to webmasters across the globe. Their in-house WordPress solutions are remarkable for beginners and pro users alike.


They are currently the recommended WordPress hosting provider, who provide 24/7 support to all users, irrespective of their location. Automatic backups, automated updates, CDN and GIT version control, are only a few of the services that make SiteGround stand out in the competitive landscape.

If you are looking for a new hosting provider for your site, it is not at all surprising that you have found SiteGround as a possible option.

What makes a website hosting service stand apart?

There are several factors that one has to consider before deciding which hosting service is perfect for their hosting needs. Most hosts promise the best of the best features and functions, but the only way to find out which ones deliver is by testing their claims.

This detailed SiteGround hosting review will list the pros and cons of opting for a SiteGround server, but first, we must enlist the different factors that contribute to the performance of a hosting provider –

  1. Speed: how fast is your server? How fast will your website load when you migrate to SiteGround?
  2. Dependability: there should be a minimum of 99.98% uptime and 24/7 availability of the server for your site. Does SiteGround match up to these standards?
  • Pricing models: how much should a beginner’s pack cost you? Does SiteGround believe in discounts and special offers for new customers?
  1. Tools and resources: what kind of features does SiteGround offer for complete website building?
  2. Customer care: support for customers is the final deciding factor. What is SiteGround’s quality of customer support?

Finding the answers to these questions will help you understand why SiteGround is popular among the contemporary website hosting services.

What are the advantages of using this hosting provider?

Here are a few reasons you should try SiteGround.

  1. Speed, performance, and dependability – time to first byte (TTFB) is the speed with which the server sends the first byte upon a request. Tests show that all five major data centers of SiteGround pass with flying colors. The location influences the speed since you files have to travel the physical distance.The speed and response time of this hosting service provider are decidedly the pros of their product. Research and observation over the last 12 months show that SiteGround has an average of 99.98% uptime and they have been down for only about 1.6 hours in 365 days. That is nothing but impressive. Current tests show 100% uptime for this provider with a nifty response time of 58 ms for the US-based servers.
  2. Tools and resources – SiteGround have the most impressive set of features. They provided unlimited storage space for the user websites, constant database support, and multiple email account supports. In fact, they engage in daily backups, and they provide free website migration services. SiteGround has robust website building options along with an integration of CloudFlare CDN. Even the most basic shared hosting plans come with SSL certification options.
  3. Customer care – an excellent website hosting service has excellent customer support. There are no two ways about it. SiteGround upholds their customer support promises to ultimate levels of perfection. They have dedicated 24/7/365 support system, along with quick response live chats, emails and phone numbers. There are multiple ways you can reach their customer support at all times.
  4. Pricing and hosting plans – among several add-ons and accessory features, the identity of an excellent hosting service relies on their plans and pricing. SiteGround has several hosting plans including the following –
  • Shared hosting – this is ideal for beginners and pros alike. Low traffic websites benefit from this plan since you will likely be sharing the resources with several other sites on the server.
  • Cloud hosting – this one is the flexible upgrade several pros can only dream of. You can leverage the resources of multiple servers through the secure cloud architecture. It is ideal for e-commerce sites, popular blogs, and fast-growing websites.
  • WordPress hosting – the name is pretty self-explanatory. The WordPress hosting packages are ideal for all WP sites that require complete PHP7 support along with HTML/2 backing. The in-house WordPress setups help in the optimization of the website.
  • Enterprise hosting – large businesses and corporate websites with high traffic flow have complex, if not challenging, server requirements. Enterprise hosting plans from SiteGround are ideal for all big-buck companies looking for a tailor-made solution.
  • Dedicated servers – like other leading hosting service providers, SiteGround offers dedicated hosting plans for your website. These plans are expensive, but you will get complete control of the servers.

Quite a few users complain that the pricing is not flexible enough, but each category of hosting has several levels. Each level has different pricing, data capacity, and backup option. They strive to match different budgets that businesses might work on. These plans might not be personalizable, but the presence of numerous plans can make up for that.

 What are the disadvantages of using this web host?  

Plan limitation – the plan limitations of SiteGround is a significant disadvantage and this provider limits storage across all shared plans. It is impossible to provide unlimited storage to all users or to leave the storage plans uncapped, yet for sites with considerable traffic, this can be more than annoying.

For example – for the typical WordPress site, the storage space is about 2GB, but any running blog or portfolio requires a lot more space than that, even when it does not attract a lot of visitors.

Developer orientation – the target market of SiteGround is primarily the professional developers. That makes the interface a little complex for the general users. You can experience the challenges when you use it to create WordPress sites or online marketing management options with SiteGround.

Is SiteGround the right choice for you?

After considering the expansive set of pros and a brief list of cons, any user will likely give SiteGround a try. With the diversity in plans, complete expert support, and extensive resources; it is indeed a hosting provider you should try soon.


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