Relieving Your Startup from Debts with Secured or Unsecured Consolidation Loans

According to, 49% of the owners of startup businesses have revealed that they find it difficult to deal with the existing debts.


Currently, the unique and amazing credit industry is known to function as an individual industry. This means that unique solutions are available for the companies as well as the individuals at different stages of a particular business.

Even when a startup venture has a great chance of discovering financing, it is one of the toughest tasks to select an ideal funding option that is going to be appropriate for the business requirements.

With the choices that are present all around, owners can be exhausted to find out the ones, which can help them or are designed particularly for benefiting the creditors.

Debt consolidation loan

Any wrong step in managing the finances within your startup can lead to a huge debt trap.

Choosing a wrong option of funding or opting for numerous loans for meeting the business requirements is responsible for creating a financial situation that is extremely messy for the business.

Thankfully, numerous ways exist for correcting all the errors as well as bringing your startup venture on the appropriate track. A debt consolidation loan is responsible for eliminating the hassle that is associated with managing numerous loans in a single time, and it also brings back the lost peace into the life of the owner.

Understanding debt consolidation

The process that is associated with a debt consolidation loan is responsible for combining the existing lines of credit as well as loans into only one account, which has a low rate of interest, extended time of repayment as well as the repayment schedule, which is easier.

Debt consolidation is responsible for offering numerous benefits to the startups, which are constantly struggling to repay the loans.

Streamlining the repayments

If a startup owner has already used two or more personal loans or credit cards for their startup, he will be able to decipher as to how hard it becomes to manage the multiple patterns of repayment.

Each and every debt is going to make the process extremely hard and it will also create and instability in both the inflow as well as the outflow of cash. Merging all your debts into one credit line will help in streamlining the entire process.

Minimizing the expense

Debt consolidation is not only responsible for managing the loan payments, but it is also capable of saving a lot of money.

As already mentioned, with the help of outstanding debt consolidation loans, you are going to get low rates of interest and you will also have to make only a small payment for servicing one loan at the end of each month.

It permits you to get the finances on a proper track.

Secured loan and unsecured loans

Unsecured loans are the ones, which do not need collaterals. Startups that have a decent credit rating have the option of availing the unsecured loans at affordable rates of interest.

Apart from that, businesses that have poor credit scores can face difficulty in finding an unsecured loan that has agreeable terms.

In such a scenario, it is always advisable that you concentrate on improving the credit score of your startup before you look for consolidation loans.

When you acquire unsecured business loans for the startup venture, you are actually obtaining favorable terms of repayment for all the other loans, and you will be able to easily release the debts.

Given below is a list of the ways as to how you should get an unsecured debt consolidation loan for your business.

Checking if any financial institution is offering business loans

If your credit score is decent, it is not going to be a huge problem to get personal loans at terms that are favorable. The important aspects that you have to consider include the terms, as well as the conditions, associated with a loan and you have to compare it with your existing debt amounts.

Sometimes the unsecured loans are known to have terms that are extremely strict and high rates of interest, which must be analyzed before you are applying for a loan.

Basically, the main objective is obtaining personal unsecured loans and using it for repaying the other debt amounts.

Moreover, if you are capable of managing this in a smart manner, you are going to end up with the perfect deal, which will require your startup to pay a lesser amount in comparison to what it had to pay for the multiple loans. You can consolidate your all debts with the help of NationalDebtRelief.

Borrowing from friends and family

If a startup is not able to secure business loans from the traditional institutions, the smartest decision is to take help from your family and friends. Just because you are taking money from people you love doesn’t mean that you are not going to repay the money to them.

It is significant that you are serious about giving back the money within a particular time frame. In most of the cases, loved ones and relatives are not going to charge any interest and hence you will have to pay back only the amount that you are borrowing.

Using secured loans

You also have the option of choosing a secured debt consolidation loan. Secured loans normally have risks associated especially in cases when a startup is not confident about the abilities of repayment.

With this kind of loan, you need to provide collateral’s, which are basically the personal assets that you own.

Fetching out finance sources

If you are in possession of few assets, which you are going to put up as collateral’s for procuring a loan, it is definitely one of the smartest alternatives. Usually, it is considered to be a great idea to obtain secured loans from credit unions, reputed banks, or lenders.

You need to understand how the business is operating and decipher if it is going to make profits, with the help of which you will be able to repay the consolidation amount.


All the startup businesses are known to have growth curves of their own. It is impossible to predict how they are going to perform.

If your startup has to clear the loans, it is crucial that you weigh between a secured debt consolidation loan and an unsecured debt consolidation loan and choose the one that is ideal for your business.

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