Starting A Facebook Group For Your Business

If you are a business owner with a Facebook page you may not think that you also need to have a business group page.  You would be shocked to learn how much networking you can do with a group such as this.  There are many benefits to having a business group such as inviting people who are in the same industry who may not be a fan of your page but who you can share common knowledge and other aspects of the business industry.  It is not hard to start your own Facebook group and below are some tips to help get you started.

Have Clear Goals in Mind

You need to have clear goals in mind when you set up your business group.  Are you attempting to showcase your brand or do you want a forum for like minds to gather?  Maybe you want to get to know your customers on a more personal and private level.  Whatever the reason, you need to know what you want to do with your group so you can name it properly and have a theme before you invite people to join.  You also need to keep in mind that while this is a group that you have sole control over, you do want to allow your group members some freedom to chat about what they want.

Choosing the Group Name

To create the group you need to look on the left hand side of your timeline where you will see a link to groups.  Click on the link which opens the group page.  At the upper right hand corner is an icon that says create group.  Click on this link and then you can name your group.  You can include your business name in the group name or you can name it something that goes along with the industry you are promoting.  Just make sure the name is relevant to the theme that you chose previously so that the people that you invite understand what you are inviting them to.

Building Your Group

On the same window where you chose your group name is a field that allows you to invite friends.  You can simply input their name to invite them to the group and they will receive a confirmation that you added them to your group.  They can choose to opt out later but they don’t have a choice when you are building your list.  You can also choose the type of group you want.  A public group is one that anyone can join and participate in, and then there is a private group that anyone can see but only members can post in and finally, there is a secret group that is only seen by you and those who are a part of the group.

A great way to get more fans on your Facebook page is by creating a group for likeminded people.  Even if you have already bought fans to help boost your numbers, a group can add to your fan base very quickly.

Ryan McCulloch is an avid Facebook user and has built up a fan base that has exceeded five thousand fans on Facebook

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