Effects of Google's Various Updates on SEO in 2013

At the close of 2013, inquiry into the performance of Google support of the online advertising sector revealed mixed results. Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing saw benefits from the effects of change at Google. Applications updates and solutions to keyword data, indexing was sought through enhancement of natural language capabilities in Hummingbird and Knowledge Graph. Improved Web advertising performance in conversion of traffic has been the result. Google continues to place emphasis on its search engine algorithm defined by abductive logics which delineate upper tier website content and links.

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Google Yearbook 2013
For SEO marketers, Google’s Hummingbird update launched the largest algorithmic shift in company history. The new Hummingbird algorithm allows for conversational search. This largely replaces precise keyword indexing in Google Analytics used to measure Google website traffic and SEO advertising performance.

Panda 25, is the latest update to the application that targets poor quality content and thin websites. Integration of Panda’s algorithm as part of a rolling algorithm instead of manual application has also ushered in new webmaster administration protocol, important to SEO advertising analytics as well.

Consistent with 2012, the adjustment of Google’s algorithm now targets websites with dense advertising. The changes to Google’s algorithm also prefaced the rollout of its Phantom update, resulting in a marked increase in traffic and ranking reporting’s in response. In 2013, Google’s Penguin 2.1 application took some control out of the hands of online advertisers by targeting over-optimization.

Somewhat superfluous to standard advertising activity, yet of interest to market researchers and SEO placement specialists. The idea is to target users in interactive gaming environments. Google Glass allows for the ‘hidden’ presence of Candy Crush game players. A channel to this target market is the sole provenance of Google.

End of 2013 Predictions
Near future changes at Google that are predicted to impact SEO advertisers in 2014 include advancements in mobile software application infrastructure, and the expansion of the company’s offerings through technology acquisition.

If one considers the dual function of Google as both a search engine second and an advertising engine, the conversational shift in reconstruction of its algorithm in Hummingbird makes sense. Conversational communications focus in the telecommunications segment of the internet advertising market has been a big mover in the transition of web-based applications designed to capture search engine user information to the benefit of
Google’s advertisers.

The general consensus is that the immediacy and portability of mobile interfaces makes advertising capabilities in mobile exceptionally strong. Conversion of SEO clicks to point-of-sale (POS) in the mobile advertising environment has never been better. Search engine users can access discounts and special deals that can in turn be used at merchant POS.

Research on Google AdWords in analytic reporting collects insights about how efficient and effective Google’s control of OS on mobile devices is impacting the presentation of targeted ads in response to user search. If SEO specialists are right, Google’s next move should be a greater degree of integration between user mobile and desktop environments. Pure precision in channel marketing.

The acquisition of new robotics infrastructure in Google’s platform is expected to have important effects on the gaming and television segments. Ad placement alongside gaming establishes brand association and a share in ad revenue. Gamers using conversational algorithms can ‘multi-task’, making food and other purchases during a game session. Just order take-out, and ‘play to win’ simultaneously. Advertisers love this idea, as it taps into a captured audience, unprepared to make a purchase elsewhere. SEO marketers will be looking for more opportunities to turn command into an enhanced shopping experience.

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