The Data Apocalypse Survival Guide that Every Business Needs

Tragedy has struck.

No, it’s not the end of the world, but it’s close. It’s your network. Your systems failed, and critical, sensitive business data is lost permanently. It’s a data apocalypse, and you’re infected.

For any business to survive, it has to have availability. It must be up and running at all times for its customers, as well as its employees. Connections to business information must be reliable and continuous. This means backing up workstations and laptops, but also server and storage data, which is equally important.

When data is lost or compromised, productivity comes to a screeching stop — and the consequences can be deadly to your your bottom line and even your business.

Studies show that most enterprises (82%) experience unexpected downtimes that end up costing them an average of $21.8 million a year.

The good news is that downtime and lost data, productivity and revenue can be avoided if you are adequately prepared. Here are some top data backup survival tools every small business needs to avoid a data apocalypse:

Survival Tool #1: Backup Software

If you have the right backup hardware in place, you need backup software you can trust to recover your data without compromising security.

Veeam Availability Suite is an excellent backup option for virtual machines (VMs) and physical servers. Software is managed through the same space as virtual backups. When disaster strikes, Veeam has your back with:


Survival Tool #2 – A Managed Service Provider

The right hardware and software are critical tools for server and storage data backup and recovery, but there is another tool you need in your survival kit: a partner to help you

manage it all.

A trusted managed service provider (MSP) can protect against potential threats, keep your data safe and lead the charge when disaster strikes — helping restore critical data and services before your business is affected.

Whether you’re recovering from hardware failure that resulted in a total data loss or you’re needing to restore application-specific settings lost to corrupted software, your MSP can restore business applications fast, so you can get back to work.

In every business, IT is responsible for overseeing backup and recovery functions. But by outsourcing some of these data protection responsibilities to an expert MSP, you can save both time and money — and gain peace of mind.

Be Prepared

A system failure or loss of data can have catastrophic consequences on your business. To ensure you’re not left in the dark, be prepared.

Choosing backup software and a managed service provider is a start to making sure your data is protected, but there is a much more to surviving a data apocalypse. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here are even more tools to help you survive the inevitable breakdown that is every IT professionals worst nightmare.

About the Author:

By Tiffany Bloomer, president of Aventis Systems

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