Can you get your site visitors to run your SEO campaign?

I’ve always liked the idea that it might be possible to get other people to do my work for me, I suppose we all do to a point. There’s no denying that running a successful seo campaign can take a lot of time and money. So is it possible to get your site visitors to provide the bulk of your incoming links and social recommendations? It’s not that crazy since Google has been built on the concept that good sites get noticed and attract links, but what most webmasters don’t understand is that it’s only certain types of content that attracts the links they need.


Infographics are great because they are a way to put across a difficult idea using just an image and some labels. People don’t hang around on a site too long if they can’t work out what the main message is, but if you can explain something simply to them that they’ve never heard before they are sure to share it. Make it easy to share for people by providing the full html for the graphic with a link back to your site.

Most of us have seen PDF documents in the search engine results for various phrases as google is quite good at indexing them now. However most people don’t realise that google also counts the links within PDFs in the same way as html pages. A great way to get easy links is to create a technical guide for a common product that anyone selling the product will be keen to pass on to their visitors.

The facebook generation is obsessed with competitions and polls, people seem determined to take part if it’s easy to do so. You can use this to your advantage if you can convince people to help your site in some way in order to enter the competition. For example having to facebook like your page in order to take part is something most people will have no problem with if there’s a potential prize.

The internet is the place for opinions but so many bloggers and webmasters seem happy to sit on the fence in an attempt to please everyone. The reality is that if you want people to notice what you’re saying then you need to have a strong opinion and belief in what you’re saying. That could be about whether a product or service is worth the money or not. Remember if you’re not excited about what you’re saying how do you expect other people to be?

I think the main point that I’m trying to get across here is that all of the methods listed above have the potential to spread across the net and go viral if you get it right, something that’s never going to happen if you’re just sending out link swap emails. Thinking just a little bit different from everyone else can have big benefits.

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