8 tips to increase your brand awareness through digital marketing

A good online presence is absolutely necessary for today’s competitive market. No matter how splendid your products or services are, they are worthless if people do not know about their presence.

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This is the reason why brand awareness is critical to any successful marketing strategy. The aim is to get your brand out there in the increasingly digital culture and improve sales and conversion rates.

This could be done by leveraging the power of social media and gaining exposure through digital channels.

According to the online statistics and market research portal Statista, there will be around 3.02 billion social media users globally by 2021.

Digital marketing aims to get your brand in front of these billions of users. So how do you grab the attention of the millions of potential customers that are wandering around social media platforms every day?

In this post, we address this question and provide a list of tips that will help you increase your brand awareness through digital marketing.

1. Incorporate the right SEO strategy:

Search engine optimization (SEO) ensures that your website or web page appears in search engines for relevant keywords and phrases.

As the SEO trends are constantly evolving, a good practice is to keep yourself up to date with all the latest drifts. Adopt the one that suits the nature of your brand.

A right SEO strategy is also important for your website’s ranking in different search engines which can drastically change a business’ performance.

A website that incorporates a good SEO strategy coupled with quality content and right keywords will gain top position on the search engine results page (SERP).

The ranking of your website becomes more important as only 5 percent of people make it past the first search engine results page.

This means that if your business website appears on the first page, it receives almost 95 percent of the web traffic. The more traffic a site receives, the higher its visibility, and hence, greater revenue generation opportunities.

2. Invest in website and logo design:

The brand’s logo and website are the visual identities of your business. They convey the brand’s image to the customers.

This ensures that they are not only drawn to your business website but also convinced to make a purchase. A customer’s decision about a business may take as less as one-third of a second.

To get them hooked to your brand, you need to hire professional web and logo design services to carry out this vital part of your business.

3. Go multi-channel:

While a well-designed and fully-optimized website is important, there are a host of other channels to put your brand in front of the public.

Right now, many organizations and businesses aren’t using multi-channel in their campaigns. Only 14 percent of marketers have currently adopted a multi-channel approach in their marketing efforts.

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Going multi-channel is also favored by consumers, as 72 percent of customers would like to connect with brands through a variety of channels.

It must be kept in mind that every platform has a specific content requirement. So, make sure the created content is suitable for a range of platforms.

Content that is developed with a spectrum of networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in mind, will perform better. This will also considerably expand your digital reach.

4. Content Marketing:

Content marketing takes time and efforts to produce, but it pays value over a long time. Its effect multiplies as you create more content.

It is a very cost-effective way to increase brand awareness and sales. A survey reveals that content marketing costs 62 percent less than the traditional marketing tactics and generates three times as many leads.

Also, people love quality content. Research shows that 68 percent of people are interested in reading about their favorite brands.

This, however, requires your content to be engaging; something that grabs the readers’ attention as soon as they start reading it. Additionally, content marketing is not merely about creating content.

It needs to be shared on various platforms before you actually start reaping the rewards.

5. Use Video Marketing:

Video Marketing is an easy and effective way to promote your business and increase your brand awareness.

Video marketing conveys the message of your brand. It convinces the targeted audience that what you provide is worth their time and money.

The best way to do it is through posting exclusive videos that are relevant to your niche.

6. Reputation management:

The public perception about a brand is essential to consider when you aim to increase the brand awareness.

In today’s digital world, 98 percent of people tend to do an online search of the company before they enter into a deal with it.

No matter what the type and size of your business, your customers are already reading about your product or service online.

So, whether you are running an online coaching academy or a leather jacket online store, it is imperative that you build the perfect online brand image. This helps to make it big in the digital world.

7. Infographics:

Another effective way to get your brand in front of the target audience is by using infographics.

It’s an exciting and colorful way to display essential marketing data and statistics. Such content has the potential to get viral and often spreads far and wide, making them an excellent tool for increasing brand awareness.

8. Use Google’s AdSense auto ads:

Paid ads are helpful to get your brand out there in the market. Narrowing down your audience can be tricky, though the recently announced AdSense Auto ads by Google can be helpful in this regard.

It shows publishers the best place for creating and optimizing their ads.

Using the machine learning technology, Auto Ads can be automatically published on relevant sites. They can effectively reach the target audience and give you a higher return on investment.


The competition in today’s digital world is immense and tough. You can sail through any race if you include these tips in your digital marketing strategy.

These tips, if executed well, can help you tap into new markets and establish your brand as a leader in its niche.

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Find her on Twitter: @audrey_throne.

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