What are Backlinks or inbound links?

Backlinks, also known as inbound links or one way links, are an important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Visitors are the main part of any website, but backlinks help your blog/website to be promoted easily to get more visitors.

Clearly Backlinks are just hyperlinks to your website that are originating from another website. This is the best part of a Backlink.

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Backlinks: How does a website give me one?

That’s the tricky part. A website will never give you a backlink unless you have a very interesting article or content on your site. The content must be either very ground breaking or a different aspect of something. If you can write something that is very easy to understand and something that is very informative, you will get a backlink for sure.

So how does this Backlink actually affect my ranking?

Backlinks not only effect your ranking in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page) but also helps in building your page rank to some extent. The web is run by Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. Baidu, Yandex and the other search engines are also doing the same but have less popularity than the former ones.

These search engines always crawl your website by revisiting after a certain time. They don’t use any monkeys to crawl but they have something called Spiders or Bots. Spiders here don’t necessarily mean The Amazing Spiderman or the Avengers. They are small algorithms that visit your site and read it in a text format.

This text is like a complete Xerox copy of your website where the hyperlinks or backlinks reside. When they come across a backlink, they even crawl the hyperlinked website. Like this if there are three backlinks for you, you will have three crawls from them. In such manner, the more backlinks to you, the more are your chances to get good ranking.

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Types of Backlinks

Backlinks are like Webhosts, there are different types. Mainly there are Good, bad and useless Backlinks which impact your SEO greatly.

Good Backlinks: A link obtained from a genuine website with a good reputation and that has your website hyperlink as a Dofollow can be considered as a Good Backlink.

Bad Backlinks:  Links that can be obtained from cheap sites or Black hat spam websites are often considered as Bad Backlinks. They never do any good to your website but instead will penalize your website in the search engines. So always STAY AWAY from Bad Backlinks.

Useless Backlinks: Some sites use hyperlinks to other websites but they never issues a Dofollow to that link. As a result that link is considered as a Nofollow and is not counted by the search engine bots. These types of links neither harm you nor fetch any reputation to your website.

How to get Backlinks super fast and for free?

Of course there is also an easy way which looks easy but is actually tough. These include

Link Partnership: Placing link of another website which in turn places your on the sidebar or homepage.

Guest Posts: In every guest post the author has the option to link his site either in Author Bio or in the description. This is considered as a Backlink.

Submission of Website to article directories: There are some article directories where you can share your articles so that when they are indexed, your article and in turn your hyperlink is also indexed. A Google search can reveal such sites.

Join forums and comment on Websites: Joining forums on a similar niche can help improve your and your Blog’s reputation online. Commenting is an option where you can use your URL in the comment form. If the website is a Dofollow, then you can fetch a backlink from that if your comment is approved. But never SPAM, cause that will take you nowhere.

Can we buy Backlinks?

Yes of course, money fetches you everything these days. Same goes with backlink’s. There are many link exchange schemes and websites. They help to improve your backlink’s and in turn your rankings. Always beware of what your re spending on. Never pay for a scheme that no one has ever heard of.

Always try to get backlink’s from reputed websites and well known schemes. Do good Google researches before you leap into any backlink scheme or Link building websites for improving SEO.

Can I use Black Hat techniques to get Backlinks?

NO, Google will find out if your Backlinks are genuine or not. If they find out about it, your site will be penalised from the ranking and of course banned from AdSense. So stay away from fraud schemes and black hat SEO techniques. There are tonnes of scams in the internet that will promise you thousands of backlink’s but they never work.

Always go in a genuine way to get more visibility in the search engines. Black Hat techniques work until you website gets banned from the search engines, but the White hat techniques increase the expiry date of your blog in the eyes of the search engines. The better ranking in the SERP’s you get, the more visitors you fetch. Eventually you’ll make more money through Blogging.

Verdict on Backlinks:

It is always a good practice to get backlink’s gradually towards your website than getting a thousand at a time. This helps you to eventually build trust among the search engines and helps in better ranking of your website in the SERP’s.

In other words the organic method of building links is more and far better than the black hat techniques of building SEO and Backlinks.

So make a wise choice on how you should get backlinks rather than how fast you get them. Always write genuine and unique articles so that both your users and the search engines fall in love with your website.

For the record, the best techniques to build Backlinks for SEO:

  1. Commenting

  2. Writing good articles

  3. Genuine and high rated link schemes

  4. Guest posts

  5. Submission to article directories

So get your backlink factory started. Improve your SEO. All the best with your Blogging.