5 Ways To Optimize Your Landing Pages For A Better Customer Experience

When it comes to successfully utilizing landing pages, getting the viewer to the page is only half the battle. The hardest part is yet to come. There is a variety of issues that could create a negative customer experience on your landing pages. This five tips offer easy to utilize methods of optimizing the customer experience on your landing pages.

1. Continue Your Message on Your Landing Page

One of the most common mistakes made when it comes to creating landing pages is a failure to continue to the experience created by the advertisement, link or promotional material. Using similar wording and techniques from the initial advertisement to the landing page will help to create a sense of familiarity and cohesion for the customer experience.

2. Create Customized Landing Pages for Each Source

Nothing dampens the user experience and diminishes the power of landing pages quite like loading a page and having to hunt for the reason that you are there. Whether you create specific landing pages for each product or service or choose to create a unique landing page for each source of traffic, be sure that your landing pages are relevant to the exact reason why the customer visited your page. If they have to search for information on your site, they are likely to simply leave and search elsewhere.


3. Use Your Words Wisely

A visit to any marketing forum will yield numerous arguments on whether long copy or short copy is best for landing pages. The truth is that there is no secret formula for landing page copy success. By analyzing your copy, ensuring that every element of the page serves a purpose and creating a sense of professionalism and authority, you can help to communicate your message clearly while also building trust. This creates a positive customer experience as it allows them to interact with your page with confidence.

4. Make Calls to Action Clear and Easy to Follow

If a customer has reached your landing page, they are likely to have an interest in your product or service. If you want the customer to perform an action, make your call to action easy to see and simple. Web Designer Depot’s “Do’s and Don’ts of Call to Action Pages” offers great examples of calls to action in a variety of formats. The more complicated it is for the customer to utilize your site, place an order or sign-up for more information, the less likely they are to follow through on the requested actions. Being clear prevents confusion and helps to guide the customer through the intended process.

5. Keep it Simple

Although your landing page should always feature elements of your brand, the product or service should remain the star. Reducing navigation options, creating a simple layout and avoiding clutter from excessive images and video will present the customer with a branded experience without flooding them with options. This allows them to scan your site, obtain information and make a decision quickly and easily.

Optimizing the customer experience on your landing pages is a great way to boost the performance of your marketing efforts. These five tips offer ways to improve your landing pages. For examples of many of these strategies in action, check out this entry from Unbounce.

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