3 Costly Social Media Mistakes Wedding Planners Need To Avoid

Nowadays it seems that most couples are happy enough to hand over their big day’s details to wedding planners, and if this is your line of business, it should be a great time for you! But that’s not to say that you can sit back and take things for granted. Indeed, the competition involved is pretty intense and he who hesitates usually loses. If you’ve recently dipped a toe on the social media pool, how is it all working out for you? The fact is that social media has its own set of rules and when they are ignored, the brown stuff generally hits the fan, and then some! You need to treat social media in a bespoke fashion and it will start to reward you tenfold. The soon to be married couples are usually pretty ‘out there’ during the time leading up to their wedding, so you need to use a few tricks to catch their attention. This article has a few of these up its sleeve and a few more that should allow you to get your business out there and looking pretty good. We’re looking at ways that other wedding planners have screwed up their social media strategies and we’ll show you how to avoid and learn from these in the most effective ways possible – Enjoy!

Get That Website Cooking!

Social media will definitely help to drive traffic to your website, but what happens next? You need to ensure that the website in question is not only impressive and visual, but it also needs to be informative and up to date. If your potential vendors see a website that looks a bit shabby, they will not hang around. Just take a peek at your rivals’ websites and see how they compare, and then ask yourself which ones you would go for? If you notice that the site is lacking, just make a list of the negative areas and start working on them. Don’t be ashamed to call in the pros for some expert help, they will not cost the earth and you will soon reap the rewards. FAQ sections are always very helpful and many couples respond well to seeing a list of their own queries online. Ensure that your prices are visible and try not to have any hidden extras waiting in the wings. Check out all of the navigation links on your site and tidy up any messiness as soon as possible.

Are You Socially Media Aware?

It is vital that your social media presence is set up correctly, it’s just the same as your website, do it right or there is little point in doing it at all. Having a Facebook and Twitter accounts are a given, but how often do you check on them? If your public see a lack of care and attention on your page, it will soon be a rest home for tumbleweeds. If you are busy with other parts of your business, try to delegate accordingly. Or if your operation is pretty much a one man show, set up email notifications for any messages and updates. Well over a billion people use these platforms and just think about how many couples make up that fat number. You want to drive people to your website but you also need to create a warm and engaging atmosphere for all of your guests. Quite often a busy and smart looking social media profile will be enough to convince those socially aware people to give you a chance. Never react badly to any cheeky questions and always show an interest in your potential client’s line of questioning, no matter how banal it may appear.

Be Visual and Creative

The whole reason for hiring a wedding planner is because of the awesome show they can put on, so what are you waiting for? Upload a few clips of your best moments but remember to ask the happy couple for permission first. Give a few examples of the themes that you specialise in and offer to liaise with any potential couples who have a few ideas of their own. Use a few testimonials by all means and act like a professional company at all times. Confidence is key and your social media presence needs to ooze this quality by the bucket load.

Ready For Business?

If you follow these tips and avoid the bloopers, we are confident that you’ll soon be getting more bookings than you can handle – Good Luck!

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This article has been authored by Sandra Garcia, a freelance blogger currently writing for Lior Diamonds, a reputed online diamond store. In her spare time, Sandra likes to cook for her family and play with her dog, Snoopy.

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