Top 15 Pinterest tips for Bloggers: Increase your Blog traffic with Pinterest

At the moment, there are tonnes of Pinterest tips and tricks out there. This list is just a compilation of the best Pinterest tips to help you learn faster without wasting your time.

Pinterest, a place where you can share and bookmark the best and most informative images from all around the world to all your friends in the world. There are a certain set of which you should play by to get more traffic to your blogs.

  1. Pinterest Bookmark button: Add the Pinterest book mark button to your web browser bookmark bar. This saves a lot of your time and makes the process easy.
  2. Use Keywords and Description: Keywords and Descriptions must be used in the description of every pin, so that you get more search traffic by keywords and more visitors from your description of the pin.
  3. Pin the post, not your Blog: Always pin the individual post, not the home page. The image and the post is what users like to see not your plain home page through which they have to start searching again.
  4. Tag people and prices: Tagging people on Pinterest is one god practice. Don’t tag someone who has interest in tablet with a pin related to pizzas. Always tag people with their interest on Pinterest. Additionally you can also add price tags in the pins.
  5. No mass pinning: Never mass pin your images on Pinterest. It floods up and looks like a mess. Time your pins and give them some time to get traffic one by one.
  6. Create a perfect board: Pinterest boards are usually more famous by their names and the quality images they display. So make sure your board has a good title and quality images.
  7. Repin and Like on other boards: Repinning on similar boards and liking them will be beneficial to improvise traffic.
  8. Follow individual boards: Don’t follow boards like All Google Stuff, instead follow boards like Google Nexus Tablet, Google Plus etc. They help reduce the clutter and makes everything reasonable and understandable.
  9. Always follow the source: Find out the person who pinned your favorite image or its original source. In this manner you can find the exact person or blog you need to follow.
  10. Always checkout the everything page: Go through all the pins in the website as soon as you login. This helps in discovering new pins and stuff
  11. Pinterest Apps are timesavers: Use the Smartphone Apps for Pinterest, they help in improvising mobile pinning. Dont go for black hat pin bots and WSOs.
  12. You have a 500 character limit: That means you can describe a lot about your pin than just writing the title of the image in the description.
  13. Dont be greedy, Pin others stuff too: Pinning others pins will help you gain interest from the original pinners. You might have a chance that they pin your images too.
  14. Create a board for your Blog(s): Organizing your blog images into a board for that particular images helps your readers to follow that particular board instead of following vague boards.
  15. Got copyrighted stuff? Report it: If someone has misused your image or pinned it as their own, you can always report it. Find out which of your blog images are linking back to your blog by typing this

Get started and grow your business and Blog with Pinterest. Make sure you pin this on Pinterest too 😉

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