10 Best Blog Sites to Create your Blog For Free

The Best Free Blogging Sites

Nowadays blogging is becoming very common and there are many blogging platforms that allow people to create a blog for free. If you have passion in blogging and want to start for free, this article will assists you in choosing the best free blog service provider.

I am passionate in blogging as well I started my blogging career in blogspot and WordPress. For the beginners they prefer blogspot but for me I remain using WordPress however to the blogging enthusiasts the options are numerous.

I wish this article will help you to decide which blogging platform is best for you:

1. Blogger (

Blogger is one of the very common blogging sites among bloggers. This blogging platform allows private or multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. It was originally built by Pyra Labs and sold to Google in 2003. Usually, the blog are hosted with Google with subdomain.

2. WordPress ( owned by Automattic is a weblog hosting provider which is available to beta testers last August 8, 2005 and introduced in the market on November 21, 2005. is powered by WordPress open source software. And it was financially sustained via paid upgrades services and through limited Google Adsense advertising.

3. Blog (

This blogging platform offers a fully-featured publishing for free. It allows you to do a blog by yourself or even establishing a writing community, under an address that appears like Their free package also offers blog hosting with unlimited bandwidth.

4. Tumblr (

This micro blogging platform allows the user to post links, quotes, images, videos, audio and text to their short form blog or tumble blog. In Tumblr you can like posts, reposts and follow with other user, and you can make their tumble blog private as well.

5. Weebly (

This platform was first introduce in the market in 2006 and already provide a truly extensive and well managed solutions for novices. You can also login to Weebly and create blog website through your Facebook account. Weebly is proud of their hundreds of professional designed templates and excellent website creating experience, no reason why I won’t include this on my list.

6. Typepad (

TypePad is a blogging platform owned by Six Apart Ltd.  TypePad is based on Six Apart’s Movable Type service that was originally publicized on October 2003.

7. Edublogs (

Perhaps this is the World’s most admired education blogging platform. Edublogs allows the user to easily generate and manage students and teacher’s blogs, as well it has easily to customize designs that include photos, podcast and videos, plus it is easy, safe and secure.

8. Blogsome (

Blogsome has a variety of choices of WordPress theme, as well it allows easily uploading photos and videos and personalizing your design. As well you can browse samples from the recent blog posts. Moreover, Blogsome offers forum where you can find related answers, to read necessary information about the terms and conditions, as well you can ask a smart questions in order for you to become a part of the community. Blogsome is a decent blogging platform that only offers clean service, thus if the user found using copied or stolen content just for generating traffic, they automatically remove the posts and ban the user.

9. Livejournal (

LiveJournal is an online community that allows internet users to keep blog, diary or journal. This is not only a great blogging site but it is a great social networking site as well where you can search people of the same interests, school and allows you to participate in community forums. Nevertheless, LiveJournal distinguishes itself from other blogging services through its well-like characteristics of a self-contained society and other social networking features comparable to other social networking websites.

10. Blogetery (

Blogetery is an online blogging platform powered by WordPress providing a modest set of features. Free accounts in Blogetery will have a chance to enhance their nearly 40 plugins, almost 140 themes, and custom domain mapping. In Blogetery ads are also allowed in free blogs however if you try to upgrade you need to choose the paid plan that usually costs you $3.50 monthly together with additional plugins, themes, 5GB of extra storage space, email support and the authority to remove ads.

About the Author:

Mackenzie Sulivan is a guest blogger and copywriter for many websites. She has been doing Guest Posting Service for 4 years already.

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